Lerum Automotive was a dream come true for me and it all started with a love for the automobile when I was a boy. As I grew through my teen years, my automobile interests also grew. When I finished with high school, there was no question in my mind what I wanted to do. Work on cars!

I went to school at Eden Prairie VoTech and got a job at Wayzata Amoco. The owner became my mentor and he and his family touched my life in a way that all I wanted to do professionally was to expand my automotive world. His dedication to training on newer cars and technology was very pivotal in my career. At that same time, the lovely girl that I had met in VoTech became my wife. As we grew together our family also grew. In 1985 we had our first daughter Sarah, Laura came just 2 years later and finally our son Andrew was born in 1990. At that point we were done having kids and I had moved from the Amoco station to the local Ford dealer to further grow my career in auto repair. I found out that the larger company was not for me so I went to a non union shop and in 1993 found myself looking for a shop of my own.

I first opened for business in the Mobil Station on Excelsior Blvd in St. Louis Park. The only problem was, the person I was subleasing from lost his lease so I had 2 months to close or move out. As luck or I want to think the Lord looking out for us would have it, the now shop in St. Louis Park on West Lake Street was going to become available. I scrambled some money together and bought the shop. For 10 years I ran that shop and now have my nephew Tim Lerum running it with Bruce and my son Andrew working there. I am there most days as well. We have been operating there for over 20 years and with the Lords blessing for many more.

In 2003 I became restless and thought I needed to make a move. I thought about just moving from St. Louis Park to a different location. My commitment to our customers in St. Louis Park was too great, the move just didn't fit. I then talked to an old mentor of mine and he told me to look for gray haired guys at shops that you might want to grow into and those that you admire. The first place I went to was Hansen's Auto Spa on Penn Avenue. Paul was the owner and as I talked to him he looked at me kind of funny and said I was just thinking about selling the shop, call me tomorrow. As I did and the deal just fell in place like God wanted it to. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus has had a place in this business and will as long as I am here. He has lead the way through thick and thin.

With Integrity as the corner of my business, there's no telling what we can do!

Dean Lerum